There was nothing my husband could do.

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I have often said that it’s not a romantic partner’s job to make you happy — it’s your job to make yourself happy.

I still fundamentally believe this to be true, so when I recently became confused about my sense of happiness within my own marriage — the first thing…

Not what I expected.

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When we enter into long-term relationships and/or marriages, there’s usually an expectation of monogamy — unless you’re in a relationship where both parties have agreed that monogamy is not a central goal, of course.

Those of us who are in monogamous long-term relationships tend to hold the idea of romantic…

Does the early bird really catch the worm?

I’ve always disliked morning sex — and I’ve never quite understood why it’s “a thing" in general.

Bad morning breath alone is enough of a turn-off for me let alone stinky armpits and — stinky EVERYTHING.

My libido just isn’t there for me in the mornings. Never has been. It’s…

“I’m really seeing a lot of butts, mom!”

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I love watching the Olympics on TV just like so many other people around the world. When I was a young girl I loved it as well — especially women’s figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and diving.

Imagine my absolute delight this year when my own daughter showed a keen interest…

Sweet etiquette or offensive sexism?

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It was entirely random and unexpected when it happened.

My daughter and I were exiting a local restaurant with two glass exit doors when, all of a sudden, a tall, gruff-looking man wearing what looked to be biker gang attire immediately rushed to open both doors for us at once.

And what we end up getting.

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We want them to be tough — yet soft.

We want them to be free — yet safe.

We want them to be brave — yet cautious.

We want them to be informed — yet innocent.

As mothers raising daughters in this ever-changing, ever-tumultuous world, we want so much for…

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not…”

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Someone told me once that if you dream about an ex-lover it means that they are somewhere out there in the world, thinking about you.

At the time that I heard this, I wanted so desperately to believe it. …

It can feel overwhelming to let go of the darkness.

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Hate is a strong word. But many of us still use it.

I did too. I have used it many times in my role as a stepmother in regards to my stepchild’s biological mother.

I felt righteous in my use of this word. I felt victimized by the situation I…

Degrees of betrayal can vary.

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Ever since my experience being the ‘other woman’ many moons ago, I have often wondered about the damage my actions caused to the wife of the man I was sleeping with.

As an empathetic person, I care about other people’s feelings. I will try and place myself in other people’s…

And I’m realizing why.

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I’m not into cuddling after sex — and I’m wondering if this is something I need to worry about.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m definitely what I would consider an avid hugger. I hug my kids, I hug my partner, and I hug my friends all the time.


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