There was nothing my husband could do.

I have often said that it’s not a romantic partner’s job to make you happy — it’s your job to make yourself happy.

I still fundamentally believe this to be true, so when I recently became confused about my sense of happiness within my own marriage — the first thing…

“I’m really seeing a lot of butts, mom!”

I love watching the Olympics on TV just like so many other people around the world. When I was a young girl I loved it as well — especially women’s figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and diving.

Imagine my absolute delight this year when my own daughter showed a keen interest…


An alternative to the norm.

Being in a committed long-term relationship takes an avalanche of effort and dedication from two people. No question.

When you’re single, you may think that those who are part of a couple ‘have it made’ but in reality, it’s a completely different show altogether.

After several years, a long-term relationship…

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